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Trelleborg wins in front of empty ranks at the IEM Katowice

March 1st, 2020

At the final offline tournament before the World Cup 2020 we unfortunately had to play in front of an empty hall due to government and organizer regulations in order to avoid a possible spread of the Corona Virus. Nevertheless, the FSL tournament could take place as planned and at the same time celebrated a premiere, as the qualifiers were streamed for the first time on Saturday.

The "almost" perfect fairytale

10 teams competed in the qualifier, which meant that 3 Lucky Losers could secure a spot for the top 8 on Sunday. Since all the duels were decided with 2 to 0, the points scored had to decide who proceeds to the quarter finals. The best losing team was Horsch (1362 points) ahead of Lindner (1222). The third team was Krone, who only barely made it with 1209 points. After victories over Horsch (827 to 678) and VK (600 to 582), Captain Deelerz's team reached the grand finals against the so far unbeaten team Trelleborg, which beat Lindner (649 to 566) and JZD (556 to 528) by a very narrow margin. In this final the fairy tale of the Lucky Loser's crown was stopped in a contested Best of 3. All the more bitter for Krone that the decisive third game with a Bailer Rush from Trelleborg sealed the 7th victory for the tyre manufacturers.

Trelleborg secures Seed 1 at FarmCon 20

As Team John Deere did not participate in the IEM Katowice and thanks to the consistently good performance of Rablix and his team mates with seven 1st places, one second and one top 8 finish, Trelleborg is guaranteed to be the first seed at the World Championship, which will be held at FarmCon 20. Teams like JZD, Lindner or Burning Gamers also secured a participation in the world championship and can start planning their journey. Behind them, the race for the remaining eight slots is getting tighter and tighter with only two more tournaments on the horizon. For many teams it all comes down to preperation for these.

See you on the field!

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