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Patch 1.4.0 is here

May 26th, 2020

In today's patchnotes we talk about changes to the power plays and values in the game.

Changes to Power Plays

We have looked at the Power Plays and think that we have to make some adjustments, because Slight Edge and Chiptuning are almost the only Power Plays that are chosen by the teams. We want to give the teams the opportunity to find more strong tactics during the World Championship.

Under Pressure
Context: A long time ago we weakened Under Pressure because it had a 100% pick rate at that time. For this reason we approached the original amount.
CHANGED: Required straw per bale when using Under Pressure reduced from 3700 to 3500.

Transport Company
Context: Transport Company grants teams access to the Anderson Group Transporter. This gives the teams a big advantage, because the bales are delivered already stacked. We've made some improvements without changing his identity in the game.

CHANGED: Time needed to load a bale onto the truck reduced from 5 seconds to 4.5 seconds.
CHANGED: Time needed for the loading arm to get back into position reduced from 5 seconds to 4.5 seconds.

Big Haul
Context: The transfer car, which comes into play through the power play, compensates its lower capacity with a higher multiplier when delivering.
CHANGED: Grain which is delivered from the wagon of the Power Play 'Big Haul' is now calculated with a multiplier of 2.0.

You shall not pass
Context: For the Slight Edge / Chiptuning tactic the frequent crossing of bridges is important. Improving You shall not pass is supposed to force the opponent to go further. In addition, it should make it more difficult for the opponent to deliver the First Bale.
CHANGED: Instead of the middle bridge, the left and right bridges are now always closed.

Context: Since bridges are a central instrument in the game to save long distances, Cooldown helps to use the bridge again faster.
CHANGED: Bridge lock time reduced from 15s to 10s.

Context: Since some teams don't put the last bales in the game on the tape because it is too slow, we decided to improve the tape speed of Unstoppable.
CHANGED: The belt speed has been increased from 30% to 40%.

Changes to the vehicles

We have corrected the displays in Pick and Ban for speed. We have also corrected errors that the advantage of Slight Edge was not calculated correctly for certain vehicles.

Fendt 1000
Context: Due to the strong engine and high speed, the Fendt 1000 was a very popular vehicle in the Pick and Bann phase. We want to make this phase more varied and have therefore weakened the Fendt 1000.
CHANGED: Speed reduced from 63km/h to 53km/h

Valtra T194
Fixed a bug that the front loader was stuck in the ground when the game started.

Kuhn LSB 1290D
The amount of straw required per bale has been reduced from 4000l to 3900l per bale.

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