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A crazy start to the World Cup

July 26th, 2020

Already the first match of the world championship caused a sensation, because as if from nowhere, the 16th placed Team OEG could win 2 to 0 against Trelleborg. It seemed that the long break had not been good for the dominators of the season.

In the second game Grimme won sovereign against Komatsu Forest. The next step was to decide who would be the first team to drop out of the competition. Trelleborg vs. Komatsu Forest was the match that went in favor of Rablix and his teammates. With this victory, the boys from Trelleborg could regain their courage and prepare for the decisive last game.

In the winning duel the role of the favourites was suddenly unclear, the majority of the spectators saw Grimme in front and that's how it should be. Thanks to the 2 constant appearances Grimme greets from the top of the table and you will meet the second placed of group D at the offline playoffs.


A special class decision game

At the end of the group phase the teams of Trelleborg and OEG met again. The favourite Trelleborg now had to deliver in order not to be eliminated from the World Cup early. And it did not look good, the first game of the Bo3 went 718 to 719 to the underdog from Russia. At the latest now the nerves of the spectators were bare. Trelleborg now had to pull themselves together and they succeeded. The games 2 and 3 were hard fought and in the end, the favorite pulled his head out of the noose.

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