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Save the date: The FSL finals will happen on Sep. 19/20

July 30th, 2020

This is it, we are in the endgame now! Season two of the Farming Simulator League is coming to an end!

While the 16 best teams in the league are currently battling for the eight places in the knockout rounds, we are of course already looking ahead, because it is time to crown the world champion.

Look forward to seeing Team Grimme and the league powerhouse Trelleborg again when the teams meet for the first time since March in an offline tournament to prove their baling skills.

Who will follow them into the knockout rounds and for whom will the season end? The next weeks will show! Watch the groupstage live, every Sunday on and on this website)

Once we know who the eight final teams will be, we all look forward to Erlangen, where the finals will happen.

We see you on the field!

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