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Super exciting duels despite shortened tournament

August 9th, 2020

Already at the beginning of the tournament a small shock moment. Amazone was not able to participate in the games of group C because of internal problems. This meant a free win for Krone in the opening game. In the second game JZD won against Horsch in two games and became the favourite.

Because the loser's match could not be played either, the much awaited match between Krone and JZD from Czech Republic continued. The first game was hard fought with the better end for the wildcard team (JZD). Can Krone come back again or can JZD close the bag in game 2?

What came now was a mixture of fairy tales and hardcore tactics. With a Baler Rush Krone made up for the Best of 3 and in the decisive third game the factory team could play down the advantage of the Harvester Streak.

At the end of the day, Horsch and JZD had to fight it out. And what a meeting it was! Horsch showed up, 15 points ahead at the end of the first 15-minute game. But in the second game JZD didn't let anything burn. So it was clear that also in this encounter the third game must decide. In a fierce and tight game Horsch prevailed at the end. Thus, they managed to move into the next round, where they will meet the team BG.

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