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The most balanced group provided the most exciting series of the season

August 16th, 2020

The first game of the day started right away. The Landeier secured a 1 to 0 advantage over Landwirtschaft 3.0 with a press rush. In the second game, which was long balanced, the Landeier by Astragon won again. In the end they made fewer mistakes than the opposing team.

In the second opening game, Team Lindner was able to bring their advantage of 3 harvesters to the finish line in a sovereign manner and had good chances. In the second match between VK and Lindner, the Wildcard Team from the Czech Republic took revenge. So the third game had to decide in this duel. And what a game it was! A back and forth concerning the points. In the last 10 seconds VK managed to build up a lead that Lindner could not make up for. What a comeback!

In the losers game Landwirtschaft 3.0 made the same mistake as against the Landeier. Thanks to the baler rush, Lindner is leading and was able to increase your morale after the narrow defeat in the first series. The second game already had some surprises in the pick and ban phase. Not only did the Landwirtschaft 3.0 again rely on a teleloader, but Lindner also decided to use Transport Company.
After this game it is clear. Lindner guarantees exciting and tight games. This time the Austrian works team had more points on their side and bowled Landwirtschaft 3.0 out of the group.

The series between Landeier by Astragon and VK should be a tough one. After the team of Astragon had to fight with connection problems, they subbed in Gammelbacke for DaWaldler after the defeat in the first game. The new line-up also failed to beat a strong playing VK. So the Czech Wildcard Team will be in the final 8 and play versus the season dominator Trelleborg. A difficult, but doable task.

In the last series of the day it was also about the last place in the final tournament of 19. and 20. September. The Landeier came out of the starting blocks well and won the first match with a 2 ball advantage. What did Lindner show us today? Right, exciting games. Also in this series. In a photo finish, thanks to a better multiplier, they passed the Landeier and equalized the series. So there was also the decisive third game in this series. Once again the Landeier by Astragon were left behind against Team Lindner, who thus secured the last place and a duel with Grimme.

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