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The favorite only trembled in the final

September 20th, 2020

Over 2 tense days the 8 strongest teams of the season competed within the World Championship of the Farming Simulator League.

The first day was all about keeping your nerves and playing on a stage for the first time since the IEM Katowice and not the usual home environment the teams were used to in the last online tournaments.

In the opening game, the works teams of Grimme and Lindner faced each other. Both teams could be seen to have prepared themselves intensively. But it seemed that Lindner's plan didn't quite work out and they ended up losing two to zero.
The second game was considered an early final. Krone and John Deere, who occupied places 2 and 3 in the regular season, were facing each other. In two extremely competitive and tight matches with several changes in the lead, John Deere's team prevailed in the end and thus secured a place in the semi-finals against Grimme.

In the following game the only remaining Czech team VK played dominator Trelleborg. After a weak group phase in July, Trelleborg found his way back to his old strength and left the Wildcard Team no chance. Nevertheless it was a great success for VK to finish the season as a team within the top 8 after they joined the league in Leipzig.

At the end of the first day of the final, the Burning Gamers (BG) and Horsch had to decide who could secure the last place in the semi-finals. To the delight of commentators and spectators, the JCB was once again seen in action for a long time. The joy lasted only for a short time, because after only a few seconds BG took the first victory with a rush. In the second game Horsch could not improve decisively and so BG completed the semi-finals.

With Grimme, John Deere, Trelleborg and BG only teams from the original groups A and B reached the semi-finals.

The sun is shining, the atmosphere is great, the perfect starting position for the second day of the World Championship.
Grimme against John Deere made the first participant for the grand final among themselves. Both teams gave nothing away and showed that they are rightly placed in the top 4. After two very tight and exciting games Grimme prevailed and could now watch the competition.

In the second semi-final Trelleborg was the clear favorite over the Burning Gamers. The team of the tire manufacturer managed to retrieve their game plan cleanly and won the first game in a sovereign manner. In the second game BG tried to score a coup by choosing the powerplay Big Haul (additional trailer for the grain). However, the risk did not pay off and so Grimme's opponent was determined. It is the dominator of Season 2: Trelleborg.

The final game is also a compensation for the spectators, who had to give up the duel Trelleborg vs. Grimme in group A, because Trelleborg had a weak day, lost against team OEG and only came out of the group as 2nd place.

The first Best of 5 in the FSL history should have it in itself. The series was characterized by tight starts and nerve-racking final seconds. The Grimme factory team, which had been strengthened by Martin for several months, presented confidently, but Trelleborg managed to equalize in the second game of the series. Not too close, but with a new points record of 917, so everything was open again, but only for a short time, because Grimme presented again. Tension was in the air, because Grimme only needed one more victory to secure the world championship title.

Trelleborg showed a certain nervousness as they had their backs to the wall. But now it became clear why Rablix, Luk4s and Seimän have long been considered favorites and know how to use the experience they have gained in all the finals of the season in a targeted manner. They won the fourth game in a sovereign manner and thus the showdown in the last and decisive game took place. It was a dream for all fans to see the two strongest teams play over the full distance. The nerves of the spectators, casters and also the players were shattered when in the last 5 minutes the two teams scored almost in lockstep. Shortly before the end Trelleborg was able to make a decisive break away.