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Valtra enters Esports with own FSL team

October 26th, 2020

Valtra has had a strong presence in the Farming Simulator game since 2015. Most recently, they introduced the new G Series - simultaneously in a “real-life” public launch event and with the addition of the new tractor to Farming Simulator 19. Now, it is time for the next step: by stepping into the world of esports and entering the Farming Simulator League with the upcoming Season 3.

“Farming Simulator has been an important platform for Valtra as it has allowed us to reach our fans and audiences beyond the agricultural sector”, says Pamela Engels, Senior Manager Communications & Digital Marketing, Valtra EME. “Sending a dedicated Valtra team into the FSL race is the next logical step for us. Esports are clearly on the rise and gaming brings with it interesting perspectives on how virtual experience can benefit challenges in the real world. Valtra definitely wants to be at the forefront of exploring these opportunities.”


A new super team formed

The team consists of six known players that have already proven themselves at the highest level of competition, three of whom ranked second in the FSL Season 2 finals. The gamers signed to Team Valtra are experienced Farming Simulator League players with the potential to compete for a place on the podium.

“We are excited to continue our journey in the Farming Simulator League with Valtra for Season 3. The team is made-up of players with a wide variety of background knowledge and skill, each of whom will contribute to the success of the team in this season. We might even show some unique techniques in our matches, so the audience should watch out for those", comments Marcel Renke, Teamcaptain.


Professional coaching

Valtra is managing the FSL Team in cooperation with Finnish esports organisation KOVA Esports. Based in Central Finland, KOVA currently manages teams in seven different Esport titles.

“Farming Simulator League is a new challenge for us and we are really looking forward to the start of the new season. Managing a team together with Valtra in this game creates interesting new opportunities. This type of cooperation is actually something brand-new in the Finnish and probably even global esports scene”, says Timo Tarvainen, General Manager of KOVA Esports.

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