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FSL Season 3 - More international than ever before

January 15th, 2021

A lot has changed in FSL between Season 2 and 3. After talking about the map, the pick and ban phase and the vehicles, today it's time to take a closer look at the Season 3 teams.


2 continents - 8 nations - 13 teams

The expansion of the league is not only noticeable in the viewer numbers, but also in the geographical distribution of the teams. With Corteva Agriscience, the first sponsor and at the same time the first North American team joins the FSL and already set a sign with the victory in the first tournament. 



Germany is sending the largest field of participants into the race. In addition to the established teams from Krone, astragon and John Deere, another company, Hörmann, joined the league. An additional team also joined the league from Switzerland and Austria respectively. In Switzerland, Aebi-Schmidt and mYinsanity join the league as new teams side by side - almost proverbially so. The headquarters of the two teams are less than 20 km apart. From Austria, the Pöttinger factory team joins Lindner as a newcomer.


Scandinavian teams have a long tradition in esports. So it is not surprising that in addition to the Season 2 world champion Trelleborg (Sweden), a team from the Finnish manufacturer Valtra joined. The players are also supported by the esports organization KOVA.


Thanks to Bednar, which signed up the wildcard team JZD, there is also a Czech team in the league this year. Last but not least, Manitou makes the conclusion of our tour. The French agricultural machinery manufacturer is also a newcomer to the FSL and wants to conquer the hearts of FSL fans in France.


Which brand or country would you like to see on the map next season? Let us know on our social media channels:





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