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Incredibly close matches at the first tournament 2021

January 17th, 2021

The comparison of newcomers against veterans marked all phases of the second online tournament of Season 3. 


In the qualifier, alongside established wildcard teams such as Cowana or Power Esports, some completely new teams competed. These newcomers were also convincing and three of them made it to the play-in stage. There, however, the seeded teams Trelleborg, Krone and astragon were too big a hurdle. Besides the wildcard teams, the teams from Aebi, Lindner, Pöttinger, Valtra and Manitou were also eliminated in the round of the last 16.

There were some surprises in the quarter finals on Sunday. Newcomer Hörmann, for example, beat John Deere two to nil. This was their revenge after losing the series at the first tournament. For Bednar and astragon the working day was over after quick zero to two defeats against Trelleborg and Krone respectively. 

The last match of the round between Corteva Agriscience and mYinsanity was a real thriller. In the first game, the two teams were separated by just 8 points. Game two was won by mYinsanity thanks to a Bale combo just seconds before the end and so the game number three had to show who would advance to the next round. With a First Bale record of 130 points, Rablix laid the foundation for his team's second win.

Hörmann's fairytale, which the casters had hoped for, ended in the semi-final against Trelleborg. As in the last tournament, the team of the tyre manufacturer is thus in the final. The question now was whether the final would be the same as two months ago or whether Krone would be able to hold its own against Corteva Agriscience. The league leader left no stone unturned in their semi-final and followed Trelleborg into the final.

Will Trelleborg get their revenge or will Corteva Agriscience extend their lead?

The two teams gave each other nothing from the start! In the first game, there were many lead changes in the closing minutes. In the end, Corteva Agriscience was ahead by just two points and so it came down to the three more points they scored with the First Bale being decisive.

After Trelleborg had chosen the Perk Bottleneck in the first game, the second game saw almost identical picks of the two teams. This game was also very close, but once again Corteva Agriscience prevailed and won the second tournament in a row!

Will we see this final in the next tournament in 3 weeks? Mark the weekend of 6 and 7 February in your calendar and find out with us!

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