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Tournament Recap: The tournament of premieres

February 7th, 2021

In the qualification of the wildcard teams, the French Power Esports Team, the German WLKN Team, as well as the Russian Team OEG prevailed. While the first two teams had already been in the play-ins several times, it was the first tournament of the new season for Team OEG, after they achieved a respectable success against Trelleborg at the World Championship of Season 2. However, the hurdle posed by the seeded teams in the play-in round was too high for all three teams and so the seeded teams were to decide the top 8 among themselves.


The first match of the second day of the tournament pitted mYinsanity and Trelleborg against each other. This clash had already taken place in the season opener and, just like in November, the reigning world champions came out on top with a final score of 2-0. Next, Hörmann and Lindner battled it out. In an exciting series, the team of the Austrian manufacturer prevailed. Will their compatriots from Pöttinger do the same? For the works team, reaching the Top 8 is a first. Their opponents were John Deere and they played very well. A clear 2:0 was the final result. The last semi-final place was decided between Krone and Corteva Agriscience. After Krone had already been defeated twice in the semi-finals, they wanted revenge today. The series offered everything that makes the spectators' hearts beat faster. After a thrilling back and forth, Corteva Agriscience prevailed 2:1.


Will we see the same final as in the last two tournaments? 

That was the big question in the semi-finals. Trelleborg set up their third final appearance with a solid performance against Lindner. It was particularly annoying for Lindner that they couldn't get a grip on the conveyor belt in the first game. In the second semi-final, Corteva Agriscience wanted to do the same to Trelleborg. But to the surprise of many, John Deere prevailed in two very close and exciting games. So it was clear: There will be a new tournament winner!


So who will win the first victory for his colours in the third season? John Deere continued their solid performance from the semi-final and went ahead. In the second game, Trelleborg decided to adapt their tactics. Instead of Big Haul, Bottleneck was used. This change actually brought them the equaliser! So the third game had to decide who would take home the title of the third online tournament. Once again Trelleborg used Bottleneck, with success! The tyre manufacturer made a comeback against John Deere and thus secured the first victory of the current season.

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