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Tournament Recap: Valtra takes Gold

April 18th, 2021

No questions here: The winner of the 5th Online Tournament is Valtra! They went against the US Team Corteva in one amazing final and won 2:0, securing themselves the 5th place!

Right from the getgo, this promised to be a fantastic tournament, with a debut by Manitou, who managed to kick Pöttinger out of the tournament during the qualifiers. In their quarter finals match, the French team went up against Valtra, who battled it out with John Deere the day before, securing themselves a spot in the finals.
And Valtra opened up the Best of Three with a very strong 139 points First Bale and went on to kick Manitou out of the tournament in a solid 2:0.

But this wasn't the end of close matches! Astragon had a good match with Aebi-Schmidt in the qualifiers but in the now had to meet Krone once more, a rematch from the 2nd Online Tournament. However, Krone let their opponent know why they are in the 5th place and moved onwards to the half-finale, winning 2:0.
Nevertheless, we hope to see more from both Manitou and Astragon in future tournaments!

Tons of excitement and Style in the Semi-Finals

In the semi-final we then saw a match we usually have only seen in the final round: Trelleborg vs Corteva! And everyone would have been sensible predicting a 2:1 here for either team, but in the end, it was a heartbreak for Trelleborg: 2:0 with Corteva in the finals. Shoutout to Trelleborgs Wühler bringing style into the matches with his balethrows!
On the other side of the semi-finals, we had Krone go against Valtra. Two close matches but after the dust settled, Valtra moved to the final match with a clear 2:0.

First Gold-Medal for Valtra

You might think that Corteva against Valtra is a done deal for Corteva. But Valtra has shown their teeth and dug into the top of the leaderboard and did not let go! In two ferocious matches, they have made one thing clear: Yes, we might not have started strong, but this is now over! And Corteva fought hard but in the end it wasn't enough. The Finnish team secured the precious circuit points and their first gold medal in two swift matches.

We are now at the halfpoint of the season. Five more tournaments to go and nothing is decided yet. Who will rise? Who will fall? Who will win the title of World Championship? We're going to find out in the next tournaments.
Be there!

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