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Tournament Recap: Trelleborg back in the saddle

May 16th, 2021

The sixth Online Tournament is over and Trelleborg was able to go home today with one more gold medal. The final match against Valtra was a solid 2:0 which was very close for both teams but in the end, the team from Sweden saved their spot in the 1st place.

A powerful lineup

The tournament opened with Astragon going against Bednar, both teams with players that can't be dismissed and after two close games, Astragon moved onward into the half-final.
In the second game, we saw champion Trelleborg defeat Hörmann, ensuring that they would go against Astragon in the half-final.

In the lower bracket, we then saw Valtra - energized from their victory in the 5th Online Tournament - fight against Lindner. The Finnish powerhouse won 2:0 and were waiting for their opponent in the last quarter-finals game.
This would be Krone against mYinsanity, a close set of two matches which the swiss eSports Team decided for themselves.

No half-measures

The first half-finals match was Astragon against Trelleborg. Trelleborg has been using a not-yet seen tactic which used Transport company without selecting EasyStack, the meta-pick to make Transport Company work. Astragon was nowhere near giving up, but in the end, the Trelleborg won with a clear 2:0, saving their spot in the final match.

On the other side of the half-finals, Valtra took up the challenge of mYinsanity. Here, Martin from Valtra has shown to consistently deliver 139 points First Bales without seeming to break a sweat. mYinsanity managed to hold their ground but once the dust settled, Valtra moved on to their match against Trelleborg.

Where Giants clash

Where in the last tournament, Valtra fought against Corteva and won, this time they had to content with Trelleborg, the other #1 of the League. Would they be victorious too today? Or will Trelleborg assert themselves?
Both teams did their best, two amazing matches, with ups and downs. Martin from Valtra broke his 139 First Bale Streak. They gave their all but once the 15-minute timer reached 00:00 for the second time, the winner was clear: Trelleborg snatched another golden medal and secured their top spot in the ladder, with Valtra becoming the clear 3rd.

We are now looking into the second half of the year. The next tournament will be at FarmCon21, the date for which will still be announced. 
And the standings are not yet final either. What surprises will we see in the future? We will find out in the coming months!

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