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Tournament recap: End of FarmCon week with sensational finale

July 27th, 2021

At the end of an exciting tournament day, Valtra prevailed. But many other matches in this bracket were also worth seeing.

Impressive round of 16 with surprises

Right at the start, there was an absolute top match: Trelleborg versus Valtra. With only one bale more in the barn, the Valtra team went on to the next round. In the match between the Krone seeded team and LSA-Esport, the rush tactic would have worked in the second round after Team Krone had already secured three presses. As the game progressed, of course, this round went to Team Krone, yet LSA-Esport was not impressed and kicked Krone out of the tournament. Wildcard Team DJK Ehenfeld also made it interesting in their clash with mYinsanity. In the end, mYinsanity took a close but clear position (0:2), just as the match between Hörmann and Lindner was settled in just two rounds.

Exciting until the last second

The quarterfinals pitted Valtra against LSA-Esport (2:0) and mYinsanity against Hörmann (1:2). While the experienced team from Valtra played their tactics pretty straight through, LSA-Esport seemed to be a bit nervous in the meantime. mYinsanity and Hörmann delivered a fair and balanced match.".
In the final, things really got down to business: in the first round, Hörmann dominated thanks to the bottom boost drop with a score of 1,042! The second battle was won by Valtra despite a tie in points. In this case, further values were compared in which Valtra performed better. In the third round it was then a matter of holding one's nerve. Hörmann did really well up to this point, but Valtra made fewer mistakes in the final match and thus won the final.


You can fiind the Highlight video here.

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