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Tournament Recap: Trelleborg with narrow victory

August 16th, 2021

Is the Hörmann team a new contender for the top of the table? After all, they already made it to the final at the seventh tournament. However, this time after three rounds the winner was Trelleborg!

A whole new world...

... At least for one or the other. The challenge of playing on a stage, surrounded by cameras and under the analytical eyes of the opponents, was certainly a new experience for many players. In the end, the outcome of the matches only seemed to be important for the rest of the bracket, because as soon as the studio door opened, the other participants greeted the match teams with great applause.


Thrills during the play-ins

There was already a lot to see on Saturday during the play-ins. In a whole series of 3 rounds, all teams not only showed that they had trained a lot, but also that valuable points were at stake in order to secure their place in the World Championship. Probably the biggest surprise was the elimination of the experienced team Valtra. After the wildcard team DJK Ehenfeld left the initial start difficulties behind, it rained points. Thus, one of the favorite teams was eliminated from the roster early on. In this season a classic and also this time: Trelleborg against Corteva Agriscience. This head-to-head race never gets boring. Both teams show fantastic timing and barely any mistakes. In the end, Trelleborg was the winner.


Adventurous final day

The wildcard teams can be extremely proud, as two of the four teams made it to the finals. Lindner surprised DJK Ehenfeld with a rather new tactic that caused the score to skyrocket. The young team was obviously caught off guard and had to admit its defeat. In the following semi-final match, neither team Hörmann nor LSA-Esports gave each other a single point. After 3 rounds, Hörmann was visibly relieved to be the finalist. The Trelleborg team was not fooled by Lindner and also entered the final after two rounds. Both teams met each other with great sportsmanship, still conversing while match preparation and looking forward to the upcoming showdown. Hörmann succeeded in putting Trelleborg clearly under pressure. The battle of the bales went on until the last second. Trelleborg then showed why they are at the top of the table.


Outstanding first offline tournament

New records were set, tactics were tested for chances of success and friendships were made - all in all a successful first offline tournament. It remains exciting, because:

- Will coincidence reserve the classic Corteva Agriscience against Trelleborg or will we see a new pairing?

- Can Team Hörmann secure first place at the next tournament? After all, this is practically their home game

- How are the players dealing with playing on a big stage after more than a year?

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