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Tournament Recap: tight matches, Valtra made it

September 13th, 2021

An exciting bracket in which the teams often met on equal terms. Even though Team Hörmann was considered a contender for victory, Valtra emerged victorious.


Never change a running system...

This match weekend was also dominated by one tactic: Bale wagon or Hörmann tactics. But this is not the only way to ensure victory, because as some of the matches showed, it is also necessary to have enough bales, to have a good feeling for the drops and last but not least, it sometimes takes a bit of luck.
How fast a team can become a fearful opponent has been proven by 2 "underdogs": LSA eSports has already presented itself in the last tournaments from the beten side and also the factory team of John Deere has licked blood at the victories again.


Who gets to go to the quarter finals...

On the final day, Valtra and Cowana Gaming opened the match day. 42 bales were pressed, a score of over 1000 was achieved and also an extended tactic wants to be practiced. After the second round, Valtra finally entered the quarterfinals.

Things got exciting in the second match of the day for LSA, who just like Valtra before, were up against a team that could only play remotely. Due to the current Corona regulations, this exception was approved by the eSports manager, but it still didn't help the Czech team. The fight to advance was tough, but LSA prevailed in the last round with nine more points on their account.

The host team Hörmann then took the stage against John Deere. Although Hörmann showed great confidence, as it had in previous games, this time there was probably a bit more excitement. In addition, the John Deere team was able to practice more again, which meant that after two rounds the winner of this clash was clear.

With a wink the "B-Team" of Trelleborg was welcomed. Not for nothing, a team is allowed to consist of 6 players, so without further ado three players arrived, who you usually see more in the weekly scrims or on the offline tournaments. Despite some minor mistakes Trelleborg showed a better ball handling in both rounds and passed the young team of mYinsanity into the quarterfinals.


... and who into the semifinals?

Just before Team Valtra and LSA eSports met, both sides were probably highly focused and tense. LSA E-Sport molted during the last tournaments and didn't make it easy for Valtra either. In the end, it was again down to who made the fewest mistakes, showed better ball handling and that little bit of luck - in this match it was the Super Drop - that secured Team Valtra a place in the semi-finals.
Before the clash between Team John Deere and Trelleborg, no one was really sure who would win the match. The players also made a very tense and focused impression. After two rounds Trelleborg proved to have the better drop choice, safer stacking and won this match. However, only with 2 points advantage in the second round.


Exciting final

In the end, Valtra and Trelleborg faced each other again in the final. Anyone who now thinks that the two teams know how to play off each other is mistaken. In the final Valtra scored some counter & combination points in two rounds and also delivered more bales.


You can watch the highlight video here.

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