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Tournament report: #10 - Surprising victory of Bednar

September 24th, 2021

At the HeroFest in Bern it was finally time again. After a long time the teams of Farming Simulator League finally showed their skills again live on stage in front of the audience. For some it was the first time, others already knew this outstanding feeling. In the end, the Czech team Bednar prevailed.


Preliminaries with sights

The two days of the 10th tournament were again marked by some surprises. The spectators were able to watch the first 140 First Bale as well as the booths. In the first match of the final day there was a lot to see. A few hours of training must have led to the fact that one of the favorites, namely Team Krone could not stand up to Bednar. After two rounds it was clear that Bednar was a serious opponent on this tournament day.
This was followed by an almost classic match between Pöttinger and Manitou. In the end, the Austrian team prevailed here, as well as in the subsequent clash after three rounds Team Valtra saw off the factory team of Hörmann. Despite a close match and home advantage, dam team from mYinsanity could not get past Trelleborg. And with that, the quarterfinalists were set.


Bednar takes gold

While the team from Pöttinger could experience the stage feeling the team Bednar had to play from home. Due to the current guidelines in the Czech Republic, the team could not play on site, but nevertheless dominated clearly in the 2 rounds and thus entered the final - which probably few expected at the beginning of the tournament.
The second classic on this day was the match between Valtra and Trelleborg. Both teams showed a relatively large number of small slip-ups, which in turn made for a high tension curve. No wonder, when the first in the table plays against the second. However, it was the Trelleborg team that reached the final.
If you have been paying attention up to this point, you will have noticed that Bednar always received the blue team and Trelleborg always received the red team color. Besides this little #funfact, the teams offered each other an extremely even match. On the one hand, the change of players during the tournament day had an effect on Team Trelleborg, but on the other hand, Bednar was able to put a lot of pressure on Team Trelleborg. After three rounds there was probably the biggest surprise of the season: Bednar beats Trelleborg and takes the first gold medal in the team history.


You missed the stream?

Here you can find the complete stream and to have a summary yu can also find the highlights.


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