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November 11th, 2021

World Championship: Welcome to the finals

One last time the best players of Farming Simulator League will meet each other. On December 05, the final will take place as an online tournament. Who will win the title in the end?


Top 8 teams

In the group stage it was settled which teams belong to the "Most Valuables":


But now it's about the title: WORLD CHAMPION of Farming Simulator League - Season 3. In the last season 2, the team Trelleborg beat all competitors. However, the players moved to the main sponsor of the league, Corteva, in the off-season. At the end of the day, can Team Trelleborg's new lineup call themselves world champions?



Going through the statistics of the current season, the following picture emerges:

The two teams that were considered underdogs, yet continue to prove their worth are LSA and Bednar. The teams enter the final day ranked ninth and tenth. While wildcard team LSA averaged 773 points, Bednar's score, on the other hand, is around 717 points.

Sixth and fifth in the standings are teams Krone and Switzerland's mYinsanity. The teams don't take much from each other in the seasonal evaluation either: similar scores, similar win rates.

Also very close to each other are third and fourth place, Corteva and Hörmann. In the evaluation of data such as the average score, most delivered bales and win rate, these two teams are almost equal.

Only the top of the table, Trelleborg, stands out from the other teams. The average score is 793 points, with an average of 24 points per bale and a win rate of about 78.38%. 


Which team will ultimately prevail, we will only know on December 05. It will also be exciting, since for example Team Bednar has never played on the FSL stage before, given the preparation time for the various opponents, and so on. So it remains to be seen.


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