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Official FSL Schedule for Season 4

April 22nd, 2022

Official Farming Simulator League Schedule - Season 4

Learn more about the schedule of the current Farming Simulator League (FSL) season: important information, tournament dates & the prize pool. To stay up to date, join our Discord server and check out the news section regularly.


General Information

Due to safety & organizational concerns, all tournaments of the upcoming season will take place online. An exception is possibly the final, which may take place offline later this year. At the moment we’re not able to make a decision - please check the news and the schedule frequently.

In addition to non-cash prizes, there is also €100,000 to win throughout the season. It’s definitely worth participating in every single tournament, showing your skills and gathering as many circuit points as possible!



Season 4 starts with the first tournament on May 14th (play-ins) and May 15th (finals). There is one tournament per month for the following six months. Finally, in November the grand final of FSL Season 4 will take place. For more information regarding each date of tournaments, check out the schedule.

Due to the planning as an online season, there won’t be the trouble of traveling to the offline event location. Nevertheless, there is the potential for special offline events, but these are not league related and will not have circuit points for Season 4 at stake. However, the teams and every player are welcome for these special tournaments. For the whole season we’re looking forward to more teams, exciting matches and a lot of variety!

Tournament Schedule


You can register for a tournament in your account at the FSL website. If you have any questions or anything seems unclear, please have a look at the rule book first. In case your question is still not answered, write an email to

To plan your strategy and to get a better understanding of the game, we also recommend every player to have a look at the stats sheet. Here you find useful tips and calculation notes, which make it easier for you to understand.



Click on the schedule section right now and block the upcoming FSL tournaments in your calendar. Each match is broadcasted to the well known platforms: Twitch, Facebook and YouTube. Which team do you think will farm their way to the top in season 4?


See you in the fields!

Season 4 starts soon



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You want to try your skills in the competitive multiplayer mode of Farming Simulator? In this article you will learn how to get started with FSL today.
The goal of the game is to harvest as much wheat as possible within 15 minutes, press bales with the threshed swath, and in turn deliver them to the barn. Points rain down for each bale delivered and even more when the team sells the harvested grain.


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