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Online Tournament #2 - Recap

June 5th, 2022


Thanks to the speed of the current tournament client, we see faster gameplay and would have the option of more pads and higher scores. However, on this tournament day, the teams convinced more with the intra-team coordination and timing. It is also interesting that no fixed game meta has been established yet, which allows testing different strategies.

If you watched well, you could already see the French team Fermiers Flamboyants in the first tournament of the Farming Simulator League (FSL). This time they even pushed the leader into a third round!



The bale competition started already on Saturday with the play-ins. The day began with some high-scoring matches, for example mYinsanity against Corteva Agriscience with 1,023 points in the first round and 1,034 points in the second round. In addition, the spectators could already get an impression of the playing style of the Fermiers Flamboyants, who were rather unknown in the FSL so far. At the latest since this tournament they are probably among the more difficult opponents.




There was a red thread running through the quarterfinals: All games were already decided after 2 rounds. However, there was one exception to this. Since two teams did not show up for their match the day before, Fermiers Flamboyants had a walk-through. Thus, the first participant of the semifinals was determined earlier than expected. 

This time, there was a special encounter quite early in the day. Directly in the second match, Trelleborg met the Czechs from Bednar, who played the final among themselves in the first tournament.


In the semifinals, the first match pitted Valtra against French newcomers Fermiers Flamboyants. The French team proved that they had prepared for their opponents and were able to adjust well during the match. Fermiers Flamboyants ended up in the final after the first best-of-3 match on the day. Fans from Team Valtra are currently still waiting for a breakthrough from the team.

After that, fans of the generally popular Team Trelleborg got their money's worth. In the next match lasting 3 rounds, DJK Ehenfeld had to prove themselves against the leader of the table. In the first round it still looked good for the team of the German sports club. From the second round on, the table leader lived up to its name. As a result, the first 1,000 points rounds were finally scored on this day.