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Online Tournament #4 - Recap

August 14th, 2022


The first half of the season is over. With the fourth tournament of the current Season 4 the decisive phase starts, which teams are allowed to compete in the World Championship. Slowly but surely the circle is tightening and the favorites, away from the top of the table, are emerging from the ranks. Some fine tuning will certainly be done until the next tournament, but already at this tournament weekend you could see: It is getting serious.



Was it the sunny weather, or the hours of practice that several teams had put in? On this play-in day, individual teams played their way into the next stage with only two rounds, so this game day was over relatively quickly. The teams that were allowed to compete in the finals the next day could therefore use the time for intensive preparation.

The more experienced teams already showed in the publicly shown matches what the less experienced teams still lack in part: efficiency in drop selection and use. This was not only true for Astragon, Trelleborg and Power Team Esport, but also for the teams that played their matches outside the stream. In the end, the bracket that emerged promised some old familiar matches, as well as some exciting continuations of previous clashes.

FSL Bracket OT4 Play-ins day



Quarter Finals


The first match of the day pitted the French team Fermiers Flamboyants against the American team Sim Game Alliance. The French started well with 42 bales in the first round and also proved to be a strong team. After only two rounds, the French were in the semi-finals. A good foretaste of the matches to come, during which the tension curve steadily increased.



The Swiss eSports team mYinsanity met the Austrians from Lindner in the next match. The changes that were made in the Swiss team after the last season show a clear effect. Not only does the whole game seem more experienced, but also the performance call seems constant. They showed fabulous timing in terms of drop selection and related usage. This was immediately reflected in the score, which for example was above average in the first round with an entire 400 point difference.


COR vs. TB

In Season 3, this was one of the most classic encounters. In Season 4, the matchup was still rather rarely drawn, so the tension was accordingly high. Both teams have expert knowledge when it comes to Farming Simulator League and proved several times that they definitely play on the same level. In the first round, the Swedish team Trelleborg used the Bale Multiplier to gain more points. In the second, they prevailed with better efficiency (multiplier handling and drop selection). For the American team of Corteva Agriescience it unfortunately did not go further than the quarterfinals in this tournament. 



In the last match of the quarterfinals there was a very rare spectacle in the FSL: a tiebreaker! The French team Power Team Esports and the Czechs from Team Bednar both scored 843 points, so other criteria from the gameplay had to be included to determine the winner. These criteria are listed in the statsheet if you want to read them. The first round ended in the Czech team's advantage, with Power Team Esports fighting back in the second round. And with that, there was the first encounter on this final day of play that went on for a full 3 rounds. In the end, Bednar showed the stronger nerves during the course of the match, and with the right decisions during the course of the match, secured the victory and with it a place in the semi-finals.