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Date for World Championship Season 4 of the Farming Simulator League

October 19th, 2022

On 19 and 20 November, the World Championship of the fourth season of the Farming Simulator League will take place on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook. This time, the eight best teams will compete against each other: Who will win the prize money of €40,000? 


November the 19th & 20th is the official World Championship of Farming Simulator League

Still a lot of movement possible

Over the course of the season, the teams have collected circuit points through their victories: Who will secure their place in the World Championship on 22nd and 23rd October? So far, Trelleborg have been able to defend their lead in the standings and put some distance between themselves and the second and third placed teams, Fermiers Flamboyants and mYinsanity - will Trelleborg keep the gap and secure the title of fourth world champion again? It's going to be exciting. 


On our YouTube channel, you can find the highlights of the fourth season of the Farming Simulator League. 




New here?


You want to try your skills in the competitive multiplayer mode of Farming Simulator? In this article you will learn how to get started with FSL today.
The goal of the game is to harvest as much wheat as possible within 15 minutes, press bales with the threshed swath, and in turn deliver them to the barn. Points rain down for each bale delivered and even more when the team sells the harvested grain.

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