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Decision game & world championship day 1 - Recap

November 21st, 2022


The teams have once again prepared particularly intensively for the World Championship. With more sophisticated tactics and improved timings, most teams showed themselves very well-prepared for this extraordinary tournament weekend. A special highlight for all participating teams was the personal get-together, which has never happened before this season. Everybody enjoyed the time, cheered each other on and delivered excellent sporting encounters. On the first day of the World Championship, the upper brackets and the first match of the lower brackets were played. The winners from group A & B were the two favorite teams Trelleborg and New Holland.

Decision game place 8

Corteva Agriscience vs. Astragon

Before the World Championship could really start, the last place was played out the evening before. The tussle for the last world championship title contender pitted the teams of Corteva Agriscience and Astragon against each other. After three exciting rounds, the team of the German publisher Astragon emerged as the winner and was thus allowed to compete in the matches for the title of world champion in the coming days.

Decision Game between Corteva and Astragon


Group A