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Arena Mode: Beta For FS22 Now Available

May 10th, 2023

Competitive farming is now open for everyone as the FSL will transition from FS19 to FS22! Two new game modes are added to Farming Simulator 22: the Arena Mode and the Bale Stacking Mode enter an open beta phase on PC - starting now! 

Beta Activation - How To Join

You have to opt in to the esports branch of Farming Simulator 22, which grants you access to the beta version of our new competitive farming modes. It's only a few clicks, don't worry.

GIANTS version

Shift + double-click on the Farming Simulator 22 icon will start the auto updater. Select the "esports" version and click on the save button.

Steam version

Open the Farming Simulator 22 settings via the steam game library, select the "esports" beta branch and confirm.

After selecting the esports branch, the game will update, and you'll find the "esports" entry in the main menu of Farming Simulator 22.


System Changes For Next Season

FSL Veterans will notice some changes compared to the previous version of the Arena Mode. While the balance is not final, some game changes might come as a surprise even for the most experienced of our players. Here are some core changes to the Arena Mode:

- Reduced Game Time to 10 min

- New Drop Times

First:  8:30

Second: 5:30

Super:  3:00


- Added new GameModes

- Full-Mode (full game cycle)

- Bale and Stack (skip harvest, predefined straw swathes, bale and stack)

- Stack (predefined bales on the field and near the barn)

- Added new Training System

- Mode, Startingteam and drops can be predefined for the training session

- Added ingame match reset without the restarting the server / rejoining with the player

- Added buttons to simply start training or game

- Added menu to adjust the user settings (e.g. nickname or camera speed)

- Added admin menu to configurate the admin settings (technical break, autostart, autoreset etc.)

Got Beta Feedback?

You can submit your feedback regarding the new beta game modes via our public bug tracker.

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