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Helm Wins With 9 Point Difference

September 17th, 2023

With a bang we started the 3rd Tournament of Season 5, the first online tournament of the Season! So many teams showed up, we couldn't livestream all the games so here are some highlights.

A big audience focus of this tournament were First Bales, members of chat trying to guess the correct amount of the various bales delivered.

A whirlwind of matches, the ultimate proving ground where each team had to showcase their mettle to make sure they make it into the End.
The stakes were high for many teams like Team Charlie, a newcomer from Denmark, who immediately had to face off against veteran team Astragon. Other teams like New Holland and Lindner were also part of the qualifiers and managed ot make their way into the Quarterfinals.
The first day of the tournament ended with JustD'Tracté facing off against Valtra, a match that ended in a decisive 2:0 for Valtra.

And thus Valtra also ended up in the Final against Helm. It was a tense competition of three matches. Valtra managed to snatch the second victory, extending the game to a third match but then, after both teams played every card, Helm won with a close 9 point difference!

We congratulate the players of Helm for their victory!

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