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mYinsanity storms Agritechnica

November 18th, 2023

Absolute insanity happened at Agritechnica this weekend! The real life tournament played over two days with 16 teams in total showing up to show everyone their best.

Big names entered the tournament bracket. Helm, Lindner, New Holland, Valtra, just to name a few. It was a proper fight for many of them, especially Helm who managed to beat Astragon but in their next match against JDT ended up in the Losers Bracket, a rare occurence for the team whose players are multiple world champions.

In the main bracket, Lindner and mYinsanity came head to head! Almost all matches this tournament ended in 2:1 and this was no exception. Lindner gave it all, but mistakes were made and in the end, the swiss eSports powerhouse secured their place in the finale!

Meanwhile, something was cooking in the Losers Bracket. Helm might have been beaten but they were still in the game. Only those who lose twice are out of the tournament and that meant, Helm still had a chance to return. The stars aligned and they fought their way through many teams including a rematch with JDT who made them lose the first time. But this time, Helm won and continued their march, defeating lindner in a 2:1 match.

In the end, the finale was between Helm and mYinsanity. The tournament favorite, despite them slipping once still considered the potential winner. But it was not to be!
mYinsanity won the tournament with a solid 2:0 victory!

Congratulations to mYinsanity to their victory!

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