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Trelleborg tires wins!

February 11th, 2024

The second Online Tournament of Season 5 had quite a lot of surprises in its pocket and an unbelievably tense finale!

Every team gave their best once more to show us some good, proper Farming Simulator League. Not every game was streamed live as so many teams participated. But we started the broadcast with Lindner versus Valtra in a thrilling 2:1 match that Valtra ultimately won.

The Upper Crust

A few disappointments marred the first day, some teams not showing up, others losing without much fervor. But when the wheat was separated from the chaff, tensions rose and the arena was set on fire! First place in the Leaderboard Helm lost their first match, getting banished into the Losers Bracket by Trelleborg tires. Not the first time, but they tend to come back from that!
On the other side, JDT, a wildcard team from France, started knocking opponents like New Holland out only to face off against Trelleborg tires in the Semifinals, where they were themselves cast down into the Losers Bracket and Trelleborg tires got to move into the Finale.

Down in the Loser's Bracket

As usual, Teams that lose once have a chance in the Loser's Bracket to still make it into the Finale. But if you lose your Best of Three there, you are out for good. It's here we want to first look at mYinsanity, the winners of the Agritechnica tournament. They lost first against Trelleborg tires and then fought their way through the ranks against Astragon, Team Power eSports until they met Helm. A tense match with many twists and turns but ultimately, mYinsanity seems to have a knack to beat Helm at FSL so the swiss eSports powerhouse managed to move on against JDT where they unfortunately met their match and lost for a final time.

The Ultimate Showdown

Thus the finale was Trelleborg tires against JDT in a Best of Five. A thrilling series of matches where Trelleborg tires started winning the first two matches. Casters and Audience were sure that was it for JDT, but they managed a comeback! The game was 2:1 and if JDT managed to win the next two matches, that'd be it! First place in the tournament, many precious tournament points and the majority of the prize pool.
Both teams threw bales at the barn as if they tried to tear the whole building down. Points rose, bales falling off the belt. It was pandemonium in the final minutes of the match until just by a little margin, Trelleborg tires pulled forward and won the fourth match. Three matches won, Trelleborg tires wins Online Tournament #2!

Congratulations to Trelleborg tires for their first Tournament Victory!

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