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April 7th, 2024

What a tournament at CAGGTUS in Leipzig!
We had quite a few ups and downs during the 14+ hours of event spread over two days. Plenty of ups and downs for every team involved.

In The Upper Bracket

The tournament started with Power Team Esport against Valtra. What we did not know at this point was that Valtra managed to move all the way onward to the semifinal, sending not just PTE into the Lower Bracket, but also Farming-Friends and Lindner. Speaking of Lindner, they put up quite the brave fight against mYinsanity and LU FT-HN before.
On the other side of the bracket, New Holland kicked JustD'Tracté down into the lower bracket before running into HELM, who have made quick work of Trelleborg Tires in their first match.
Afterwards, Valtra and HELM faced off and in a tense 2:0 match, HELM moved into the finale!

Among The Lower Bracket

Anyone who lost in the Upper Bracket would get a second chance in the Lower Bracket but every loss here would mean that the team is out of the tournament for good. Here the Farming-Friends started their climb up towards the Finale, winning against LU FT-HN and Lindner.
Trelleborg Tires on the other side paved their own road to the Finale, to the detriment of Power Team Esport, mYinsanity and New Holland, all of whom had to go home afterwards. Then Trelleborg Tires went into the ring against Farming-Friends in a quick series of matches, sending them home too. And for good measure, Valtra tried to stop their momentum, but unfortunately, the Tires proved to be the better team this day.

The Ultimate Showdown

The finale was exciting and both teams gave their all. Trelleborg Tires gave their best to hold back against the tide that is HELM. Both teams used all their available know-how and bale multiplier to show us the best the FSL has to offer. The first bale of the first match even just had a one-point difference!
But once the dice were cast, HELM pulled ahead with the first and second match, winning the tournament.

Congratulations to HELM for their win!

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