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Helm defend their Champion title!

July 8th, 2024

It was a sunny Friday morning here in Marktoberdorf as we started the first games of the Season 5 World Championship.


This is it, the final series of matches where eight teams enter. One team leaves. Just as Tina Turner intended.

The first set of games was between Helm - the strong leader and clear favorite this season - and JustD'Tracté - the eight-placed team in the current standings. A strong 2:1, as Helm whiffed the First Bale of the tournament and JDT exploited that mistake. Unfortunately, they still ended in the lower bracket with Helm moving on!

But we’re not done yet, because next up, Valtra against Lindner. Valtra played a strong first game but Lindner came back, scoring a 126p First Bale and taking the win from Valtra. But, in the Black vs Red conflict, the last match ended with Valtra scoring and winning the set of matches.
Will we see Lindner clawing its way out of the Lower Bracket?

Trelleborg Tires and mYinsanity hit the arena after them. mYinsanity is a bigger eSport team with lots of experience and it has shown in the past but Trelleborg Tires is one of the favorites for this season to take their place in the finale and win. But this was a quick meeting, as Trelleborg Tires won the games 2:0!

But the games weren’t over yet. New Holland and Power Team eSport. NH took the first match but in the second one, Tita put his tractor in the drink, costing the team valuable time recovering it. Power Team eSport took the victory and in a big surprise, Power Team eSport wins and kicks New Holland down into the lower bracket!

Helm kept their victory lap going, shoving Valtra into the lower bracket, right as their morale was still high. It was a tense match between the two giants, but Helm took the victory 2:0! Meanwhile, Trelleborg Tires got busy showing why they are one of the favorites of the tournaments and the lower bracket got one team richer with Power Team eSport. 

The Lower Bracket is not over yet, as mYinsanity clashes with New Holland. Two amazing teams who deserve their places in the ranking. And we all expected this to end in a 2:1 but mYinsanity defied everything and finished this matchup 2:0!

And the final match of the first day, JustD’Tracte against mYinsanity! The Swiss eSports Team, clearly on a mission, kicks Just’DTracte out of the tournament in a solid 2:0 ending the first day!


Helm - Defenders of the Championship-Title

Day 2 might have been short with only the Semi-finals and the Finals but the games were explosive! Three teams left, Helm, Trelleborg Tires and mYinsanity and the first match would decide who goes into the finale from the Upper Bracket! 

Helm so far has not been beaten, but neither has Trelleborg Tires. The two teams entered the stage with the clear intent to show the audience what a good Farming Simulator League looks like. Two games were played, two very tight final moments. And Helm moved on. Was it Vidon’s trip into the ditch that cost them? Trelleborg Tires would get one more chance in the Lower Bracket to come back from this.

And there they meet mYinsanity. The Team has been around since the Farming Simulator League started. A strong first bale by Trelleborg Tires started the game off but again lost precious time as Loicoo had to get a Telehandler upright again. mYinsanity won the first game! The second match started out well for Trelleborg Tires with a 148 points first bale but then Loicoo once more had to put the Telehandler upright. And thus mYinsanity won the second match, kicking Trelleborg Tires out of the tournament and moving into the finale where they would meet the champion…

The finale. Helm versus mYinsanity! And it starts off with Martin of Helm crashing into the game. A sign of things to come? A crack in the strategy? Helm and mYinsanity both delivered close first bales so their momentum kept going. Many bales on belts, lots of grain delivered to the silo. The second game ended close with just a one-point difference between the scores! Game number three and both teams were going strong right out of the gate. Both teams played solidly and made no mistakes despite the long playtime by now but this time, mYinsanity took the victory! The first in this Best of Five. Will they make a comeback? Or will Helm take the champion title in the next match?
Helm didn’t have a great start. mYinsanity dropped a 142 point First Bale with JayKay coming far behind with 117 points. A huge gap for a first bale! But, Helm would not be Helm if they didn’t have the ability to get back from that and after a harrowing 10 minutes, Helm took the third victory with a solid 477 to 412 points!

Congratulations to Helm, you defended your champion title! 

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