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Trelleborg wins FarmCon 19 Tournament

July 29th, 2019

The wheat has been harvested, straw has been baled and we have a FarmCon 19 FSL winner. We want to congratulate the Trelleborg team for the first tournament victory in Season 2 of the Farming Simulator League!

After fighting their way through the qualifiers on Saturday and early Sunday, they managed to make their way into the quarter-finals, where they won against SDL by Logitech G. In the semi-finals, they played against Krone, who put up a strong fight but couldn’t manage to break Trelleborgs momentum.

In the finals, they went against Landwirtschaft 3.0, a Wildcard-team from Germany, who previously played against Grimme and Die Landeier, showing the skill with harvesters and balers Wildcard-teams can possess.

In the first of the Best of Three match, Trelleborg rushed down the hill to grab all four harvesters, winning the game. This move has served them well throughout the whole event. The second game turned out to be much closer, with Landwirtschaft 3.0 showing off why they earned their spot in the finale, but it wasn’t enough. With 523 to 556, Trelleborg managed to again remain victorious, winning the Best of Three with a solid 2:0 and earning the first prize of 2.000 €, a 500€ Nitrado voucher and three Logitech G513 keyboards.

A big congratulations to Felix Hasenberger, Simon Hollweck and Lukas Bauer from Trelleborg to their victory.

If you missed the finals, you can rewatch it here:  Twitch (EN)
Mixer (EN)
Youtube (DE)

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