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Technical Problems at the Online Tournament - A Review

August 13th, 2019


whoever wanted to follow the first FSL Online Tournament as a spectator or participant on the weekend, unfortunately had to find out that the tournament was cancelled and moved to a later date due to technical problems.


We have investigated the issue, found the bug and fixed it, but here we would like to provide a little insight into the details behind the problems.

In order to understand where the problems were, let’s take a look at our tech first: Our web page is connected to all important systems to run a tournament via the backend. Tournaments are created on the website and it then boots up the servers accordingly, allocates the servers to the teams and then gives these teams the details to participate in the tournament.

Furthermore, via the website we are also able to send messages to all participating teams via email. If there should be a problem, we would inform the teams about this way and keep them up to date.

For a previously unknown reason, the communication between the website and the backend on Saturday no longer worked. The website started the servers as planned and generated the games, but then lost contact with the backend. The result was that neither the teams were informed about matches nor messages could be sent to the teams.

The error was noticed about 10 minutes after the start of the tournament (the website was still reporting that everything was fine at that time) and our technical team immediately tried to fix the problem. Unfortunately, it quickly became apparent that it would take several hours to fix the problem. At this point the tournament was already delayed for well over an hour and communication with the teams was still limited. We therefore saw no other possibility than to cancel the tournament and postpone it to a new date.

We understand that many players and spectators are frustrated. Keeping the weekend free for a non-functioning tournament is always annoying. At this point we can only apologize for the inconvenience and promise to take measures to avoid this mistake in future tournaments.

Thank you for your understanding.

The FSL Team

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