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Patch Notes FSL Patch 1.2

September 2nd, 2019

Today’s patch notes will talk about changes to the Hud, Powerplays and some ingame values. The balance changes introduced in this patch will be active immediately and the next tournament will run on these new values. So without further ado, let’s jump right into it:


Ingame changes


Rush is less rushy now

Context: Rush has been used to great success in the last two tournaments: However, it was a little too easy to rush someone down, leading to some games where even the winning team was surprised that they won. We also felt, that rush can be very frustrating for the losing team, so we made some adjustments.

Before: In order to claim a vehicle, you need to jump into it (combine) or attach it to your tractors (bale press).


New: In order to claim a vehicle, you need to drive it off the pod entirely. Vehicles that are left behind before moving off the pod will be free to grab for both teams again.


New pod light colours

Context: With the changes to Rush, we need a clear indicator of the vehicle status, so we added status ‘yellow’ to the pods.

Before: Pod lights shine green if a vehicle is free to claim, red when it has been claimed by the opposing team or turn off, when the vehicle has been claimed by your team.


New: Pod lights shine green if a vehicle is free to claim, yellow when one team has it attached/entered without driving it of the pod, yet, red when it has been claimed by the opposing team and turn off if the vehicle has been claimed by your team.

KEEP IN MIND: If the pod lights shine yellow, it’s no longer possible to get into the harvester or attach the press.


Bridge timer adjustments

Context: Draw bridges took too long to start going up, after a player has passed it. In order to make the bridges more competitive and to increase the skill needed to use them, we reduced the trigger time.

CHANGED: Trigger time: 4 seconds --> 2 seconds


Weed penalty increased

Context: Harvesting weed has always given a penalty to the yield. However, this penalty was so low, that players ignored it for the most part, so we adjusted it.

Change: Penalty when harvesting weed 16% --> 33%


Combine super speed fix

Context: It has been possible to increase the harvesting speed of a combine, by turning it on and off rapidly while pushing it with a tractor. This was not an intended game mechanic and has been fixed now.


New: After turning a combine on, it takes now 1 second for the header to start working.


AGCO Ideal physics fix

Context: The AGCO Ideal harvester had an issue, where it was too light and could easily be pushed around. This needed fixing. We will look at the Idea again in future patches, as we feel it needs some buffs, however, we want to text the current fixes first and see how it does in tournament games now.


New: Fixed AGCO Ideal physics.


New Holland Harvester fix

Context: It has been possible to attach pretty much anything to the New Holland Harvester. That was not intended and needed fixing.


New: The New Holland Harvester can no longer attach anything.


Changes to Power Plays

We took a closer look at the power plays and feel that some of them need adjustments.


Under Pressure

Context: Under pressure pretty much was a must have with a whopping 100% pick rate over the last two tournaments. This power play clearly needed some nerfs.

Change: Amount of straw needed to press a bale while using the Under Pressure power play: 3400 --> 3700


Transport Company

Context: Transport company allows players to use the Anderson Group trailer. Using it gives a huge advantage while stacking the bales. We adjusted it to make it a little less powerful without taking its identity or role in the game.

Time to load a bale onto the trailer: 4 seconds --> 5 seconds

Time to have the trailer ready to collect the next bale: 4 seconds --> 5 seconds


Big Haul

Context: The grain trailer provided when using the Big Haul power play proved to be less useful than expected. We changed it’s starting position to give it more value for the players.

Changed spawn location: The grain trailer will now spawn right in front of the field.



Context: We made some adjustments to chiptuning to make it more useful when using a two (or three) harvester tactic.


New: Chiptuning will now also affect harvesting speed.


Pick and Ban phase

We’ve made some adjustments to the pick and ban phase so make it smoother for the players.


CHANGED: Time to ban a vehicle 12 seconds --> 6 seconds

CHANGED: Time to pick a vehicle 12 seconds --> 6 seconds

CHANGED: Time to pick power plays 20 seconds --> 10 seconds


Pick-ban system

Context: Having the last ban and the first pick right after the ban has proven to be too much of an advantage. In order to make banning a more strategic choice, we change the system.

CHANGED: The team that has the first ban, will now also have the first pick.


HUD changes

We’ve made some adjustments to the HUD. By adding an activity feed, we increase the amount of information a player gets during the game. We also display Power Plays now.

ADDED: Activity Feed

ADDED: Power Play indicators

CHANGED: Size for the ‘attach’ HUD part decreased.


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