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John Deere wins Poznan Tournament

October 21st, 2019

It was an exciting weekend for all FSL Fans at Poznan Game Arena in Poland, where Komatsu Forest and John Deere competed for the first place. But when all was said and done, the Green-Yellow Team was the clear champion of PGA.

We congratulate John Deere for their victory and wish them best of luck in the coming tournaments of Farming Simulator Season 2!


In the quarter finals, they fought against Landeier by astragon, which they won with a close 814 : 728. They then moved into the semi-finals, playing against BG powered by Stark, who managed to defeat Grimme before that. Here too it was roughly 100 points that secured John Deere the spot in the Finale with 770 : 656.

Komatsu Forest was able to show off their skill as well. Against Lindner, they moved into the semifinals with a clear 768 : 465. In that very semi final, they managed to kick League 2nd-place team Krone out of the tournament with 817 : 769. For the team, this meant a Best of 3 match versus John Deere.

Komatsu put on the pressure for John Deere, nearly winning the first match with 622 : 612 for John Deere. Only ten points difference shows how important every single bale can be. The second game, they managed to dominate even more, getting a clear victory with 720 : 647. This gave Komatsu the chance to still get the title. In a tight third match though, John Deere has shown, that the 7R in front of the stage was more than just for show, it was a statement: This is our tournament. And they did it, with 742 : 666 Points. This made John Deere the victor of the PGA Finale, granting them the title of Champion.

Congratulations to Fabio Auerbacher, Benedikt Dahme and Markus Steinmüller to their first victory, granting them 2,000 € in cash, 600 € in hardware from Logitech G and a 500 € Nitrado voucher.


If you missed the finals, then you can rewatch them here:
Twitch (EN)
Mixer (EN)
Youtube (DE)

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