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Krone wins the Paris Games Week 2019 Tournament

November 5th, 2019

With a loud bang, Team Krone won the finals of the Paris Games Week tournament, rising through the ranks to compete with John Deere for the first place. We congratulate them on their first victory and best of luck on keeping up the streak!
Only two more tournaments before we take a Christmas break. Will the standings reshuffle hard still? We’re eager to find out!

Krones first match was versus CLAAS, a clear victory of 774 : 256. Their Semifinals Match was held against none else than the Landeier by Astragon, another high-ranked team. But Krone made it clear: They will be in the Final this day, as they took the victory with 774 : 504 points, settling the matter.

The other side of the tournament, John Deere, fresh from their victory in Poznan, had a hard fight with BG powered by Stark, but managed to beat them in the end with a 27 point difference. In another close match, John Deere ensured their spot in the Final by beating Grimme with 770 : 730.

And if you were wondering “Hey, where is Trelleborg?”, they unfortunately got kicked out of the tournament in the quarter finals by Grimme with a VERY close 751 : 742 victory.

It was Green vs Green in the finale. Krone vs John Deere, in a Best of 3 and the first match was already full with highlights. John Deere started out strong with the Transport Company Powerplay and three balers, getting them a strong starting setup with an easy way to drop lots of bales fast. But, Krone managed to - fittingly - get the Krone bale press and they made sure it never idled once during the match. In the end, Krone won the match with 598 : 409.

The second game, the initial setup was much more balanced and John Deere put up quite a fight. Both teams put up a lot of pressure, but Krone set the speed here with getting First Bale again and keeping the momentum up until the 701 : 566 victory, marking their second victory. With that, they are the champions of the Paris Games Week Tournament.

Congratulations to Maximilian Fritz, Lukas Steurer and Martin Potzmader and all the members and fans of Team Krone for their first victory, granting them 2,000 € in cash, 600 € in hardware from Logitech G and a 500 € Nitrado voucher.

If you missed the finals, then you can rewatch them here:
Twitch (EN)
Mixer (EN)
Youtube (DE)

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