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John Deere wins at Herofest 2019

November 26th, 2019

It was an amazing weekend with great qualifier matches and an even greater tournament in Bern, Switzerland!

Eight teams went into the finale of Herofest 2019: Trelleborg, Amazone, Burning Gamers, JZD, John Deere, Landeier, Lindner and Claas. Only four would survive the Quarterfinals! Right at the beginning, Trelleborg kicked Amazone out with 860 : 548. In the next game, we saw Burning Gamers powered by Stark go up against JZD. The team from the Czech Republic went into the Semifinals with a whooping 701 : 364. Second in this seasons rank John Deere played against the Landeier by Astragon afterwards and had a very close match that John Deere won by 800 : 792. As the last match of the quarterfinals, Lindner and Claas faced off in a thrilling match that ended 750 : 703 for Claas, marking the first time they reached the Semi-finals!

Four teams in the Semifinals, who will make it into the final? Well, the headline of this article kind of gives it away.
Trelleborg went through the Semifinals against JZD, whom they defeated with a clear 618 : 310. The match of John Deere vs Claas was amazing to watch and Claas managed to put up quite the fight against the other green team. But when the timer ran out, John Deere remained as the clear victory 748 : 640.

On to the final games! Best of three and Trelleborg opened strong already with a rush for all the balers! Now it was up to John Deere, either they would be defeated once more and the finale was over or they would not let a rush happen again and show what they can do. A tough match followed which John Deere won, leading to a third game.
Here, both teams gave it their all and in a very close match, John Deere played themselves into the first place of the tournament with 652 : 639!

Congratulations to Benedikt Dahme (sippi3), Fabio Auerbacher (FlexoFabio) and Markus Steinmüller (gerch) as well as all the members of John Deere and their fans for their victory, granting them 2,000 € in cash, 600 € in hardware from Logitech G and a 500 € Nitrado voucher.

We’ll be back on the 26th of January 2020 at Dreamhack in Leipzig, Germany.

If you missed the finals, then you can rewatch them here:
Twitch (EN)
Mixer (EN)
Youtube (DE)

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