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Dreamhack Leipzig: John Deere and Krone stagger, Trelleborg wins again

January 28th, 2020

The winter break is over and the Farming Simulator League teams are back on the field to collect points for the approaching finals at FarmCon 2020. The first tournament of the year took place last weekend at DreamHack Germany in Leipzig and it held some surprises for the fans.

Thrilling tournament from start to finish

Right off the bat one of the favourites stumbled when the team of Krone got defeated by the Astragon Landeier. Inspired by this victory, the Landeier met tournament favourite and winner of the last tournament John Deere in the quarter finals. In a thrilling game, the Landeier were able to secure the decisive lead in the last seconds and beat John Deere 770 to 736.

In the semi-finals the ‘king slayers’ then met the current leader Trelleborg. The Astragon boys were determined to beat the last standing favourite as well, but the team around Captain Felix Hasenberger had used the winter break and regained their old strength. The match ended with a clear 813: 510 for the leader of the standings, who thus entered the finale.

Throughout suspenseful finale: Grimme vs. Trelleborg

Here the team of Grimme, always falling behind early in their games just to turn them around, waited for them. They had beaten mYinsanity, Komatsu Forest and finally Lindner on their way to the finals. The game against Lindner could not have been any closer. The game ended 811 to 811 and was decided by the number of bales delivered. Grimme was able to deliver one bale more than their opponents and therefore won the game to advance to the finals.

However, this marked the end of the impressive run for the team in black and red. In an exciting match that went over the full distance and where both teams could have won in the end, Trelleborg won two out of the three matches. The results were 615-571, 789-814 and 664-623.

Close match at the top of the rankings

For Felix and his team, it is already the sixth tournament victory of the current season. The team from Bavaria is thus further away from the field and now has a 130-point lead over John Deere. The Astragon Landeier moved up to third place due to the strong tournament, followed by Krone and Grimme in fourth and fifth place.

With only three tournaments left in the current season it promises to be a close race and we look forward to seeing what the teams will show at the Intel Extreme Masters in Katowice.

See you soon on the field!

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