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Online Tournament #5 - Recap

September 11th, 2022


Always something new: This match weekend brought a new record and a new tournament winner. After 4 straight tournament victories, Team Trelleborg's winning streak was broken by the French team Fermiers Flamboyants. Even in the final, the players did not let up and simply handed mYinsanity the victory. On the contrary, it seemed as if the team really turned up the heat now and swept the Swiss off their feet.


Play-ins Saturday

Bracket of Play-ins

Despite even matches on play-ins day, there were only two tied matches. Nevertheless, the whole day was not packed with less tension than the final matches. Right in the first match, the players of the French team Fermiers Flamboyants surprised with a new gameplay. In the last match, team Agrall (Season 3 Cowana Gaming) showed that they are not to be underestimated, although they played the first match of the season. The matches for the finals day promised again some thrilling encounters.


Finals Sunday


Fermiers Flamboyants vs. Team Charlie

The first match of the day was played by the French team of Fermiers Flamboyants against the Danish champions Team Charlie. While the previous bale count was always around 30 bales per match, Fermiers Flamboyants showed a different strategy. In this match, the French delivered 25 and 26 bales and scored the higher number of points in both rounds. However, we still don't lose sight of Team Charlie, as they still have a chance to participate in the World Championship. You can find more teams here in the standings.


astragon vs. Trelleborg

The first match of the table leader Trelleborg followed, who played against the team astragon. The fact that it would not be easy for the team of the publisher astragon was proven by the team of the tire manufacturer directly in the first round with a new record. The new high score for the First Bale is now 150 points! The Swedes won with two rounds over 1,000 points and entered the semifinals in spite of a good number of bales.


DJK Ehenfeld vs. Corteva Agriscience

During the play-in day, Corteva Agriscience showed themselves in very good form, so why did it not work out on the final day? Good question. Unfortunately, the American team did not manage to get to a bale count of 30 and could not work the multiplier well. The German team from DJK Ehenfeld promptly took advantage of this and knocked Corteva Agriscience out of the bracket after only two rounds.


mYinsanity vs. Agrall

The last quarterfinal match played by mYinsanity and Agrall. These two teams definitely met on equal terms. While the first round went to the Swiss team in favor of better play, both squads fought to the last second in the second round. Literally. In the last second, mYinsanity managed to deliver one bale, so that the tie was broken, and the team emerged from this tense match as semi-finalists.